Friday, December 15, 2017

Blessed Is The Learner

Don’t you find it curious that the more you learn the more you realize how much you still need to learn? If this is true, the question which pops into my mind is can anyone really “master” anything? Is mastery a final destination or simply a journey?

Arggggg…too much to think about on a Friday afternoon, but yet, how do you motivate someone who believes they have arrived? How do we motivate those we serve to reach further than their grasp allows? How do we embrace “continuous improvement” individually, and as an organization?

Now if you expect the answer to these questions, you won’t find them here unfortunately, as IF I HAD all the answers the universe begs to answer, guaranteed I’d be selling my books by the millions….but consider this quote, one of my favorites, which helps put a perspective on learning…

“Blessed is the LEARNER for he shall inherit the earth; while the LEARNED will find themselves beautifully equipped in a world that no longer exists.”

Let that rattle around your brain a bit this weekend…and be good to yourself….