Friday, September 15, 2017

FM 6-22

Recently I came across a publication called FM 6-22 Leader Development. It was published by a cooperation which succinctly outlined:
·       Leader Development and its Purpose
·       Creation of Development Programs
·       Fundamentals for Developing Leaders
·       Self-Developing Processes Including Strengths, Needs, and Goal Setting
·       Developing Character, Judgment, Problem Solving and Adaptability as Situational Leaders
·       Clear Leader Expectations to Provide Feedback and Growth Opportunities
·       Recommended Learning and Development Activities
What struck me was the clear focus of continual renewal and development. As leaders, we are prone to fall in a trap that somehow we “have arrived.” Great leaders continue to grow and develop, and in doing so inspire new leadership from within the ranks. Ralph Nader said, “The function of leadership is to produce more leaders…not followers.”

I was also struck that I never really thought of this organization as a “leader among developing leaders”, when in reality, it should have been rather obvious as leaders are not born, but developed.

So…what are YOU doing to develop YOUR skills??? Perhaps start with reading FM 6-22 Leader Development…oh…the organization you ask??? You might be surprised…Take a look

Be good to yourself…