Friday, December 19, 2014

The 3 R's of Christmas

In a very short time your halls will be empty, the last of the “Happy Holidays” will be heard from staff and students and you’ll be able to give a little sigh of relief that a long overdue respite is within reach.

This is the time to re-energize, re-familiarize, and reflect…

RE-ENERGIZE – Take some time for YOURSELF….REST, REJUVENATE yourself physically and mentally. Read that novel you meant to read 2 summers ago, go on a hike, listen to your favorite music with the headphones ON, turn your phone OFF, force yourself NOT to read an email for 8 hours…RELAX…you’ll remember how to relax…it’s like riding a bike…:-) 

RE-FAMILIARIZE – Reacquaint yourself with family and friends. Unfortunately, too many times we take for granted the people we are closest too. They need to be reminded that we haven’t forgotten them and how important they are for our mental and emotional well-being.

REFLECT – Take advantage of this time of peace and quiet to reflect on days gone by and what needs to be accomplished in the days ahead, by whom and by when. Because before you know it your peaceful existence will give way to, “So how was your Holiday? Didn’t it go by quickly?”

Be good to yourself…and Merry Christmas and Peace and all good things to you and your family…

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