Friday, September 11, 2015

Are You Consistent?

Over the years, the importance of consistency has been raised in various conversations I’ve had with emerging leaders. Apparently, somewhere in Leadership 101, budding candidates are told that leaders must be consistent for their followers to trust, as inconsistency leads to confusion, disarray, and chaos.

There’s a fine line between consistency and rigidity. Great leaders understand that doing things right isn’t always the right thing to do.  I’d suggest that the consistency needed isn’t necessarily in the policies to be followed or how we handle the “either/or scenarios” we’re placed in, but rather the way we treat the people we’re governed to serve.

If you have to be consistent…consider being consistent with the following:

Value Those Around You – Make them feel safe to speak up and share their thoughts. Challenge them to THINK and to express their thoughts. Use the pool of talent you have wisely created and encourage them to grow.

Communicate – TALK to people! After the 2nd email exchange, get up and TALK to the person. Communicate your expectations, your vision, and your values. Provide feedback and encourage others to do the same.

Lead By Example – Walk the talk…consistently

Be Accountable - Take responsibility when things go wrong, and praise others when things go well.

Ask Questions – We all stop learning when we stop asking questions.

Emit Positive Energy – Inspiration motivates people to take action.

Teach/Mentor – Great leaders consistently groom new leaders.

Take Time to Build Relationships – No matter the leadership role, we all are in a “people business”, take time to build relationships with those that you serve.

Love What You Do and Do What You Love – ‘Nuff said…

Be good to yourself…

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