Friday, December 4, 2015

Can't See The Forest For The Trees? Take A Hike!

How many times have you made things worse only by trying to make them better? I was reminded of this phenomenon as I was painting my bathroom recently.  The harder I tried to perfectly edge between the ceiling and the wall the worse I made things.  Rather than listening to common sense, which was SCREAMING, “WAIT UNTIL TOMORROW, YOU’LL HAVE MUCH BETTER LIGHT…YOU’RE TIRED AND ARE NOT SEEING THINGS WELL!” I let my ego dictate my direction and ultimate frustration.

As leaders we often find ourselves in similar situations where we believe our sheer determination in making something better, will simply happen as though we can will it to happen. We continue to push on as our desire to finish a task, to cross something off our “to-do list” propels us even though we see the signs that things are NOT getting better.  Our passion, pride, or ego simply get in the way of doing what it is we want to do in the first place…to do our job well.

There’s an old adage, “can’t see the forest for the trees” that reminds us that when we find ourselves in the thick of things, sometimes it’s better to remove ourselves to get a fresh look and a new perspective on the situation.

My bathroom you ask? It’s amazing what rest and new light on a problem brings.

Be good to yourself…

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