Friday, February 19, 2016

Time For Your Followers To Leave The Nest?

One of the joys I have in “retirement” is mentoring emerging leaders.  Most, if not all, have a commitment and desire to become great leaders, leading from the front, showing the way, hoping that all who are called will follow. There is a need in many to show their followers that they “can do it all.”

When asked what it looks like to lead from behind, I usually get the stare as though I have three heads as leading from behind sounds a bit confusing.  But the truth lies in the notion that when leaders move out of the way and let others on the team take over; real growth can take place.

It is said that when parent eagles feel it’s time for the young to leave the nest the elder eagles begin removing the soft materials with which the nest was originally constructed. As the baby grows the nest becomes smaller…less comfortable…and eventually there’s a need for the fledging to “take flight” on their own.

As leaders, there are times we too may have to make our people uncomfortable in order for them to take flight and realize they too can “fly”.  This is what is meant from “leading from behind” the ability to stand back and watch others take the lead. By allowing others to step forward they become valued, and far more creative and productive. Can things go wrong???? ABSOLUTELY…but don’t we all learn more from our mistakes???

Great leaders create more leaders…not followers…just sayin…

Be good to yourself…

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