Friday, March 24, 2017

Awe...Embrace It!

Recently I was reading a review of a book which claimed the contents would aid the reader in: 

• Managing energy levels • Keeping the soul alive • Taking new paths • Reducing stress • Developing the "Human Touch" • Attacking fears • Living in awe • Savoring small successes • Burning brightly without burning out • Hanging on when the storms blow through  
It was “living in awe” which caught my attention. Awe is a word not often used and a word defined as: A mixed emotion of reverence, respect, dread, and wonder inspired by authority, genius, great beauty, sublimity, or might.” 

In our hurried life, do we take the time to be “awed?” Where do we find our inspiration? Do we lead inspired? Has there been a time where we have been “awed” by others as a result of our actions or accomplishments? Should being awed even be a goal? When’s the last time you found yourself in awe? Did it motivate you? Make you think? Make you question?  Did it open your mind to possibilities? So many questions…for a word so small…yet so powerful… 

Perhaps we need to open our eyes, our hearts, and our minds, and appreciate the value of being awed…and living in awe… 

Be good to yourself…

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