Friday, April 28, 2017

Marathoner Or Sprinter?

Recently my wife shared a “thought for the day” that she read on her daily calendar.  The question stated was, “Are you a marathoner or a sprinter?” At first glance, I dismissed the idea as I have often reminded leaders that they are indeed in a marathon…not a sprint and the importance of pacing, regrouping, and pushing forward when feeling exhausted. However, this particular thought for the day took a different twist on the familiar theme.

It suggests that we identify the “marathoners” and the “sprinters” on our team. Marathoners are those who like to work slowly and methodically with plenty of lead-time. These are the folks who do consistent work over long periods of time, which boosts their efficiency and creativity.

Sprinters, by contrast are those who welcome pressure and time restraints.  They not only work close to the deadline, but right up next to it.  It’s the sprint that ignites their creative and efficient flow, as if they start too early, they become inefficient.

So…when you look at YOUR team, what do you see?  How do maintain balance? Do you treat all your “runners” the same?  Is there a right/wrong way? When your team looks at you…what do they see…a sprinter…marathoner…coach…cheerleader? What role SHOULD you play? Ah….so many questions…perhaps points to ponder…

Be good to yourself…

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