Friday, January 23, 2015

Once I believed...but now...

If you’re a fan of social media you know that the past year reveled its share of “challenges.” Recently I came across a different type of challenge where a leader of an organization was presented with this: write about what you have learned in your years of experience as a leader using “Once I believed…Now I believe… “

The exercise was rather eye opening as I read through the list and began scratching out my own. In reflection my views have changed, my values defined and my vision more focused. Here are some examples to arouse your thoughts of how you’ve grown as a leader…What is it you believed “then” and what is it you believe “now”?

Once I believed initiatives and programs would transform the organization. Now I believe it is through helping each person that the organization will be transformed.

Once I believed that setting the bar high would be sufficient. Now I believe that balancing ambitious expectations and robust supports for others and ourselves is necessary to make the progress we seek.

Once I believed that failure was NOT an option. Now I believe that failure is not an option; it’s a necessity to grow and learn.

Once I believed challenges were to be feared and overcome. Now I believe challenges are to be anticipated and embraced as a means of improving the quality of the organization.

Once I believed success was the result of completing items on our “to do” lists. Now I believe success emerges from living up to the ideals of our “to be” lists; our core values, our positive energy, and our demonstrable delight in being present.

Once I believed my advanced degrees and years of training made me an expert. Now I believe expertise is found collaboratively and wisdom emerges through openness to ongoing learning and exploration. 

Once I believed I could rely on my own knowledge base. Now I believe I must be wary of my “blind spots” and actively encourage honest feedback from many in order to gain insight on what I do not even know to ask.

Once I believed “telling” people our visions would inspire. Now I believe we must collaboratively craft visions and pace forward movement, celebrating even the small steps along the way.

Once I believed it necessary to listen to the content and ignore the emotion in people’s words. Now I believe it is vital to listen to both content and emotion; choosing sensitively when to respond to the content of people’s words, when to respond to the emotion, and when to respond to both.

Once I believed that trust was assumed with our hard work and good intentions. Now I believe that trust, difficult to earn and easy to damage, stems from sincere appreciation for the capability and talents of others.

So my friends, are you up to the challenge? What is it you once believed…but now???? Just askin…


  1. Once I believed I could do it all, now I know the strong aask for help

  2. Before I believe the best leader hold onto to reign no matter the challenges, but now I have noticed the challenges wake me up to move step ahead from the previous level of consciousness.

  3. Once I believed that reading a website column by Ron Krause, a person unknown to me, would not result in useful thought. Now I believe I'll bookmark it and return to find additional enlightenment and thoughtfulness.