Friday, January 30, 2015

Mindful or Mind FULL?

My wife is a certified yoga instructor and recently I noticed the attached cartoon on one of her many binders where she keeps her notes and various sequences stored. The cartoon hit me right between the eyes as my head was swirling over various tasks, obligations, meetings, and conversations I knew I had waiting for me in the day ahead.

I view myself as a reflective practitioner, but like many, I fall victim to the routines in life which leads me astray of the mindful path to the chaos of having a mind full.   A cluttered mind strips me of my focus, drains me of my energy and distracts me from moving forward.  I find it curious that I must be mindful to remain so.

I “Googled” various tactics to remain mindful which included breathing exercises, and meditation, concluding that “mindfulness practice cultivates the ability to observe and accept the ongoing unfolding of one’s experience without becoming over-identified with or attached to the content of thoughts, emotions, and sensory experiences, regardless of whether these are painful or pleasurable.” Sounds like a pleasant place to find oneself.

So leader…where are you today? At the end of the day, it’s our responsibility to discipline our thoughts. How do you unclutter your mind and find the mindfulness needed to move through the debris which keeps you from being a mindful practitioner? Just askin…

Peace and all good things…