Friday, April 24, 2015

Do You Use The Power of YET?

Earlier this month a good friend and a colleague of mine from Colorado witnessed what no parent should ever endure. While watching his 15 year old daughter exercising her competitive spirit in pursuit of a USASA National Free Skiing Championship at Copper Mountain, CO. she experienced a traumatic crash on the slope style course. The injuries were significant, including a broken pelvis, dislocated hip, and most concerning a fracture of her C-7 vertebrae impacting the spinal cord. 

In that single moment…everything changed…and yet…

When faced with the realities of her injuries and the long road of recovery she faces, this brave young lady acknowledges the facts when told she can’t, but expresses her determination in a small, precise, 3-letter word…”yet.”

That simple word implies I’m on my way, I will not give up, it’s not here right now, or in a week, or a month…but it IS coming…it will arrive…it’s just not here…YET. The word offers hope, purpose, and motivation to her and to those who believe in her and her abilities to make things happen. It reminds us all to be patient, to have faith, and to believe in ourselves.

Although Kailyn sees herself as a 15 year old dare-devil skier, I see her as a true leader who inspires us all with the power of “yet”.

If you’d like additional information on this incredible young lady CLICK HERE

Be good to yourself…

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