Friday, April 17, 2015

What Does An Egg Have In Common With Your Organization?

I’m not sure I’ll ever look at an egg the same way again! Recently I saw a picture giving me pause to ponder. Such a simple illustration. Such a simple idea. Such a powerful message…

Imagine an egg, slightly cracked with beams of light emitting through the various crevasses piercing out into the light of day as if trying to escape the inner regions of the egg. The question which begs to be answered revolves around how the egg was cracked, from the the outside in…or inside out ? In the final analysis does it really matter? The egg is cracked. And then…to force us to think deeper, statements float above the picture which draw parallelisms to systemic change in organizations.

“If an egg is broken by an outside force, life ends.” Rather dramatic, yet meaningful. How many mandates from outside an organization or a team are met with reluctance, resistance, fear, or defeat? Do outside forces cause more “deaths” in organizations rather than offering the support or change they originally intended?

Conversely, the illustration continues with a phrase of hope. “If an egg is broken from an inside force, life begins.”  Powerful! For an idea or project to “take flight” it is better to come from the inside out, rather than forcing the outside in.

Many times we overlook and under consider our biggest and best resources; those who work directly with the challenge. To ignore the force within, to yield to an outside force, may produce undesirable effects for the entire organization. As leaders we must help facilitate change from within. To do so offers the hope of a new and healthy beginning.

Be good to yourself...


  1. Interesting concept that I loved reading about.

  2. Enjoyed the read and the reflection afterwards.