Friday, May 22, 2015

Are You More Like A Potato or Egg? What You're Made of DOES Make a Difference!

My wife will tell you that I’m an observer. Sometimes I see the most obscure things imaginable, other times I reflect on things we all see on a daily basis. I heard something today on the radio as I was traveling to the office which falls under the latter category.

There was a heated discussion brewing with a local “talking head” revolving around how circumstances dictate the behaviors of those involved. To me, it appeared that the argument was being made for those looking for excuses; that no matter the leadership or resources, it was circumstances which many times trumped any possible solution. What was being proposed was “cutting bait” and moving on.

While I do see the necessity to “cut bait” and move on in rare occasions, I can’t help but to hear my dad from many years ago ask the burning question over and over again…”What are you made of son?” You see, he would insist that if he knew what a man was made of, he could predict what they would do in tough situations. As a WWII veteran he’d refer to it as “a guy I’d want next to me in a foxhole.”

I haven’t thought of that phrase for many years, until today…Tough circumstances WILL show us what people are made of. Think of a boiling pot of water…let a potato sit in it for a few hours. It loses it firmness and turns to mush. An egg? Let it sit in the same churning, bubbling heated water and it becomes firmer, hard, resistant to the situation.

So my friends…what are YOU made of? It DOES make a difference as circumstances will only help define what it is you are made of… For me, I’d rather an egg over a potato in my foxhole any day of the week…

Be good to yourself...

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