Friday, January 22, 2016

To Hug...Or Not To Hug...That is a Question????

Not too long ago I was in a meeting where a colleague asked when hugs were acceptable in the workplace. Much to my surprise the group consensus came quickly…NEVER!

As he kept questioning, listening, and redirecting, it became apparent that he was trying desperately to get the group past the obvious physical nature of a hug to appreciate and identify various ways to give a “hug” without violating any personal space.

While opening our arms, literally or figuratively, we open our hearts and draw people IN, becoming one in celebration, encouragement, comfort, hope, and/or support. As leaders, showing those we serve that they are valued, is an essential ingredient to the overall health of any organization. 

“Hugs” are good for the soul. A smile, asking someone how they are and actually LISTENING to the answer, giving your time when there’s no time to give are ways to hug without physically embracing. How do you know if you’re giving a “good hug?” That’s easy…rarely is a hug given that it isn’t reciprocated…

Be good to yourself…

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