Friday, October 21, 2016

So...what did you learn from THAT?

Those who know me well, know that one of my favorites questions is, “So…what did you learn from that?” It’s a question I ask when people come and confess a “sin” or a situation that “went sideways.” I have a firm belief that failure is not an option, but a necessity for growth. That being said, I was asked recently what mistakes I’ve made from which I’ve learned the most. There were many from which to choose, but here are some highlights of things learned.

1. To be silent, gives tacit approval.

2. The most unequal thing we can do to those around us is to treat them all equally.

3. Sometimes the PROCESS is more important than the final product.

4. Failures are an opportunity to grow…not shrivel up and die.

5. Most times it is better to listen then it is to talk.

I’ll let your imagination run wild with the types of mistakes I made…over and over again before coming to these epiphanies, but it’s from my mistakes and what I have learned from them that have helped mold me into the leader I’ve become.

So…what have YOU learned??? Just askin…

Be good to yourself.

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