Friday, December 16, 2016

We Can ALL Learn a Litlte From Ol' Santa

As Jolly Ol’ Saint Nick’s arrival is quickly approaching, I thought I’d share some of his beliefs I ran across a few years back…There’s a reason he continues to flourish…consider….

1. “Choose Your Reindeer Wisely” 
·        Hire tough so you can manage easy – Expend the effort to bring on the very best people. 
·        Promote the right ones … for the right reasons – Match the people with the responsibilities.  
·        Go for the diversity advantage – Bring on “different” people who will challenge the status quo.  
2. “Share the Milk and Cookies” 
·        Help them see the difference they make – Show employees their part of the “Big Picture.” 
·        Do right by those who do right – Recognize and reward those who meet or exceed expectations.  
·        Expand the reinforcement possibilities – Find new and creative ways to recognize your team.   
3. “Find Out
Who’s Naughty and Nice”  
·        Confront performance problems early – Address issues as soon as you become aware of them. 
·        Coach “the majority in the middle” – Work with your solid performers to help them get even better.  
·        Don’t forget “the super stars” – Don’t take your best people for granted. They need attention, too.  

Ol’ Santa has some pretty good ideas… 

Be good to yourself…BELIEVE 

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