Friday, May 26, 2017

What DOES Success Look Like?

Recently I read the blog of a colleague who had the attached picture as a visual to his written word. The picture and his message gave me pause to ponder, which lead to me laughing at myself. As leaders it’s important to remind those around us that success does not come easily, that rarely, if ever, is it simply linear. We all have experienced taking two steps forward, a step back, and a step to the side as we try to navigate to our ultimate goal. 

As leaders, we also take on the roles of mentor and coach to those with whom we work. It’s important for them to realize, that although at times we “make it look easy” that we too struggle and that success takes hard work, diligence, determination, and a bit of luck along the way. 

As my dad would remind me…”Success comes before work…only in the dictionary.”

Be good to yourself!

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