Friday, February 6, 2015

Relationship Building

In their book, The Life Cycle of Leadership, authors Stephen Uebbing and Mike Ford explain that the only way systemic change can take place is through working collegially towards a common vision, steeped in trust. To build this type of atmosphere relies on 3 basic elements…relationships, Relationships, RELATIONSHIPS

To that end, I’d have you to consider how it is YOU build relationships in your organization. Do you leave relationships to chance, or do you really THINK about building cohesive relationships? Al Ritter in his book, The 100/0 Principle suggests that you take full responsibility (100%) for the relationship, and expect nothing, nadda, zip, ZERO (0) in return! This is not a typical thought as most of us consider relationships as a mutual “give and take.” This notion of giving 100% and expecting nothing in return goes contrary to many of our beliefs. He suggests however, the following these 4 steps.

1.      Determine what it is to make the relationship work and then DO IT!
2.      Demonstrate kindness and respect to the other person whether deserving or not and expect NOTHING in return…NOTHING
3.      Do not allow yourself to listen to those around you who may call you insane or na├»ve.
4.       Be persistent with your graciousness and kindness…all too often, we give up too soon, especially to those who are reluctant to our kindnesses.

Now here’s the paradox. When YOU take full responsibility, more often than not the OTHER person chooses to do the same. Consequently the 100/0 relationship turns into a 100/100 relationship. When THAT occurs great things begin to happen in the organization…

So, again, I ask you…what is it you’re doing to build solid relationships? Think of those around you and those relationships which are poor…what do you have to lose? Give 100/0 a try, be committed to it working and be committed to BUILDING a relationship which is positive…as we ALL know; nothing good happens without a good relationship…

Be good to yourself…

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