Friday, March 13, 2015

"Just ONE Thing"

Such an unexpected gift arrived today from a friend and a colleague who shared an article with me from Richard Hanson.  Apparently Dr. Hanson writes a weekly newsletter called “Just One Thing” which suggests a simple practice each week for more joy, more fulfilling relationships, and more peace of mind.

The particular practice he was highlighting was that of BLESS. He defines BLESS as means to see what's tender and beautiful, and wish well. Blessing includes compassion, kindness, appreciating, honoring, non-harming, warmth, cherishing, and love. It's leaning toward pain rather than away, helping rather than harming, giving rather than withholding, opening and extending rather than closing and contracting, wishing well rather than ill, delighting in rather than finding fault. You can bless others, the world, and yourself – and/or any parts of any of these.

I was humbled by those words. You see, I fear I fall in the occasional trap of feeling overwhelmed, under-appreciated, enjoying my own personal “pity party.”  What his words remind me is that, as a leader, I am the barometer of my organization. I have the power to bless if I CHOOSE to do so or fall victim to my own personal and professional insecurities.

So my friends, as the gloom of winter gives way to the hope spring brings, let’s consider “Just One Thing” this week. Consider how BLESSED we are…and what our blessings to others might mean…

Be good to yourself…

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