Friday, March 27, 2015

Together, we ARE Better!

As many of you know, music runs deeply through my veins. As a former vocal major and choral director I have had the opportunity to participate in some rather spectacular performances. All of my children appreciate and value what music has to offer the soul. In fact, even in adulthood all still find their underlying spirit in the notes which dance across a score.

Recently my youngest sent me a link to her latest concert. As the choral director at a nearby high school, she assembled her vocal ensembles and joined forces with the orchestra to produce a concert of amazing quality.

As I listened, with tears streaming from my cheeks, I couldn't help but to wonder the impact to the audience as well as the participants.

As a leader, I often find myself asking the same questions. What impact have I made to the audience as well as to the participants? Have I touched their spirit? Have I helped them realize their contribution to the whole? Have I left them wanting more?

As leaders, we’re not that all different from that of the music director. Our job is to make things blend, even though each department has their own part, to help the whole become greater than their individual parts, to leave those that we touch spell-bound, inspired, and simply wanting more.

So leader…how do you inspire, to get those who perform for you, create “beautiful music…together?”

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