Friday, March 6, 2015

What Does YOUR Organization Need to Take Flight?

Recently I read Joel Osteen’s book, You Can, You Will where he referenced the principles of flying relating it to specific types of people which we encounter daily.

Apparently thrust, lift, weight and drag are the main principles which must be mastered to fly. When we relate those principles to the people who impact our life there appears to be an undeniable correlation.


Thrust – Webster defines thrust as propulsive force. These are the folks who inspire and motivate us to MOVE FORWARD. They challenge us in a non-threatening way encouraging along the way.

Lift – According to NASA lift is the force that directly opposes the weight of an airplane and holds the airplane in the air. When we relate it to people, these are those who simply brighten your day, who bring laughter and cheer to your daily routine, a lift to your step, and who are positive with a “can do” attitude.

Weight – tells us that weight is any heavy load.  You know this group of people; they are negative about everything and dump all their problems on you to solve. They ask question after question and slow you down impeding any movement.

Drag – Finally, Webster tells us that Drag is something that makes action or progress slower or more difficult. Pretty much sums it up in the word itself…D R A G…they always have one problem or another and expect you to cheer them up, raise them from their pit of despair, and carry their load.  

Which principle are you currently aligned to at this point in the year? What does your organization need right now? Before you answer “thrust and lift” as to what is needed, I’d suggest that as leaders, there are times where we must provide the weight and drag as well. We must be mindful of all the principles in play so we can FLY and find and maintain that delicate balance so not to “crash and burn.”  

Be good to yourself...

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