Friday, November 11, 2016

Go Cubs...GO!

Although a lifetime Chicago White Sox fan, I couldn’t help but be wrapped up in all the excitement and drama offered by our crosstown rivals, The World Champion Chicago Cubs. Now that the ringing in my ears from last of the fireworks has subsided, the last of the ticker tape swept from the city streets, and our minds begin to once again focus on our daily routines, I thought it pertinent to reflect on a few lessons learned.

1. Leadership comes in all different shapes and sizes, whether from “the skipper” or from a member of the organization that calls everyone together during a rain delay to help refocus, re-energize and reignite. Lesson learned – sometimes a message is better heard from within rather than from on top. Cultivate leadership in your organization.

2. Hope is a STRONG motivator to move people forward no matter the circumstances. Lesson learned – No matter the situation, followers NEED a glimmer of hope so that despair doesn’t overtake their ability to move forward. Keep hope alive.

3. Emotion plays a vital role in our performance. Lesson learned – Finding a balance in our emotions and “keeping your eye on the prize” is essential to perform productively. Breathe in and out…Keep Calm and…(fill in the blank).

4. Establishing LOYALTY doesn’t cost anything, yet it’s worth EVERYTHING. I think we can all agree that the Chicago Cubs have some of the most loyal fans in the country. Lesson learned – never take loyalty for granted, it must be fostered and celebrated.

5. Having FUN and bringing true joy to others makes all the efforts well worth the struggles experienced along the way. Lesson learned – Joy is priceless…can’t be bought…it can make us believe in the impossible and carry us further than we ever expected.

6. Life IS a journey…not a destination. Lesson learned – Celebrate today, but ask what’s in store tomorrow? How do we keep things moving in the right direction? Trust me, the Cleveland Indians are preparing for “next year” TODAY!

Be good to yourself…

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