Friday, November 4, 2016

The Value of a Bumper Sticker

There are times I fear that our generation will be judged by the writings glued to the rear of our vehicles as future sociologists scratch their head searching for their meaning. These brief pearls of wisdom, poke fun at the establishment, show support or disdain, offer a good hardy laugh, or a punch to the gut. At times their messages are poignant, at times obscure.

 As I was sitting in traffic last week, one such tidbit caught my eye. The message was short, to the point and reminded me of the importance human interaction plays in leadership. No matter our line of work, no matter our product or service, we all are in a people business; we all lead fellow humans to a destination some never knew existed. Sometimes we tend to look too much at the final outcome or product versus embracing and understanding the needs of those we serve.

Here’s one bumper sticker that gave me pause to ponder and hope that future sociologists will look favorably on our generation.

Be good to yourself and to those you serve.

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