Friday, August 29, 2014

"Labor of Love Weekend"

You have to admit…we have it pretty nice in education. What other profession begins a year only to have a holiday weekend following their GRAND OPENING???

I hope your GRAND OPENING was indeed Grand, and that you take time this weekend to perhaps give some attention where attention may be needed the most…with your family.

With the hustle and bustle that a new year brings, many, if not all, work long hours well into the evening and even into the weekends, to insure a smooth start. The craziness of a new school year hits you in the workplace as well as on the home front.

This Labor Day, I’d have you to consider making it a “Labor of Love Weekend.” Reconnect with your family, leave your cell phone on mute, resist the urge to go into the office to “catch-up” – I guarantee your building WILL be there on Tuesday and will pay $1,000.00 to anyone who’s building explodes because they didn’t go in or respond to an email or text immediately.

As a kid I worked in a cemetery during the summer months…NEVER did I read “I wish I would have spent more time at the office” on ANYONE’S tombstone…just sayin…

Be good to yourself…be good to your family…enjoy your Labor of Love Weekend…

Peace and all good things…

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