Friday, August 8, 2014

Top Three Qualities In A Leader

Not sure how many of you are using LinkedIn ( as an outreach to various professional organizations, but I routinely follow discussions and various blogs through this professional social media.

A question was raised in one such discussion as to what the members felt were the three most important qualities a principal (leader) should possess. Realizing that entire books and dissertations have been written on the topic; it was an interesting exercise in prioritizing and identifying where my beliefs and values rested.

I’d urge each of you to take a reflective moment and consider…of all the great leaders you know, what qualities drew you to them? If you had to identify three and only three of the most important qualities, what would make YOUR list?  As you review your list, how do you measure up to these qualities? If I were to ask your followers what qualities you model, would there be similarities while comparing their list to your list?

As you begin a new year, ask yourself what changes HAVE to be made this year??? And then follow the advice from Gandhi, who is given credit of saying, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

What were my top 3? Not that important…What IS important is that you search YOUR heart…YOUR beliefs…YOUR values…

Be good to yourself…

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