Friday, November 7, 2014

No "I" in TEAM? REALLY???

Have to admit, I never really embraced the saying, “There’s no “I” in TEAM.” As a member of a TEAM shouldn’t I be asking:

  • What can I bring to the TEAM?
  • What can I contribute? 
  • How can I support others?
  • Who am I going to turn to when I’m not sure what to do?
  • What can I do to help move the TEAM forward?
  • What questions should I ask to help others think past the obvious?
  • When should I be the leader of the TEAM…when should I be a good follower?
  • How can I best be an asset to the TEAM? 
  • If I take no ownership on the TEAM am I destined to wait for others to do something for me? 
  • No "I" in TEAM...Wait a minute....

Be good to yourself…

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