Friday, November 14, 2014

Yesterday you said, "tomorrow".

“Yesterday, you said tomorrow!”

I came across this little quote the other day and it’s been haunting me ever since. As leaders, we can’t afford to procrastinate, but as human beings we can’t help but to fall under its allure on occasion. Here are some things I’ve come to realize about procrastinating:

  • Things NEVER get done by themselves 
  • Simple things become harder… harder things just get harder the longer I wait 
  • Rather than giving me more time, it ends up STEALING precious time from me 
  • Sometimes I use “perfection” as an excuse versus getting started and improve as I go along 
  • Fear plays a major role 
  • Sometimes dreams are lost 
  • Most importantly… I feel MUCH better after something is DONE versus having it hang over my head indefinitely 

My dad would tell me that the hardest part of ANY job is getting it started...

So my friends, what your excuse? What’s stopping you today? Remember today IS tomorrow’s yesterday…Get it done…you’ll feel better…promise…

Be good to yourself

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