Friday, October 30, 2015


If there were a “Scrooge” to Halloween, I’d be the poster child. I have a hard time embracing the idea of giving credence allowing individuals the opportunity to transform into their alter-ego. More often than not, their character resembles a violent, gory, blood sucking, half dead zombie.  Without question, Halloween is my very least favorite “holiday.”

Trying desperately to follow my own advice and look at “both sides of the coin” I offer the following as possible positive correlations between Halloween and leadership…consider…

Identity IS Important – Although fun to put on a mask and pretend to be something/someone else for a brief time IS rather appealing, leaders are expected to be transparent, honest and real.

Engagement IS Important – While counting the minutes to the end of the neighbor’s Halloween party, I can’t help but to watch how the group is fearless in engaging one another…the same neighbor who hasn’t said a word to me all year is now babbling on and on to me and others in the room making connections, feeling a part of something, feeling heard…valued. Are there those in my organization who are quiet all day who simply need a suitable vehicle to express themselves in the workplace? 

Creativity IS Important – I have to admit, that when given the opportunity, these rather dull neighbors have come up with some pretty creative costumes…some rather simple, others rather elaborate. Do we inadvertently squash creativity in the workplace as we dictate policy, procedures, and protocols?  Do we become boring and predictable?

FUN IS IMPROTANT – There is something intoxicating when laughter fills the air and no one is walking on eggshells fearful of saying the wrong thing to the wrong person.  No one’s guard is up, simply enjoying the company of other creatures, ghouls, and zombies…

Hmm…OK, maybe Halloween can offer some positive points to ponder…ahhhh BOO-HUMBUG!

Be good to yourself…

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