Friday, January 27, 2017

Keep HOPE Alive!

In reality, I’m a pretty simple guy who likes to keep things as uncomplicated as possible. Life is convoluted enough without adding layers of minutia to confuse issues past resolution.  I suppose I owe this way of thinking to my freshman algebra teacher who pounded into our heads to look at problems and then break them down to their simplest forms…”just keep breaking them down and the solutions become clearer,” he’d say daily.

I must admit, this past national election, and the controversies which continue to swirl about, catapulted me to do some soul-searching on what people REALLY look for in a leader.  I began to question the mountains of research, books, and articles I’ve read over the years as some of the most basic of “Great Leadership Characteristics” were void of any campaign rhetoric or behavior that I witnessed.  What was it that people were so desperately seeking that they could overlook fundamental values of great leaders across party lines? Where was the honesty, the transparency? Being grounded, empathetic, and ethical didn’t seem to carry the weight so many have led us to believe are important in our leaders.

As I was contemplating this phenomenon this morning, Mr. Luckahuist’s voice rang in my head, “break down the problem to its simplest form…” and indeed, the answer to my question became clearer.  The power of HOPE seemed to overshadow all other characteristics as the leaders spun their vision of the future under their leadership.

Hope… a chance to acquire something which is wanted or needed…As you look at your organization, what is it YOU hope to accomplish?  What HOPE do you offer to your followers to propel them into action? HOPE IS POWERFUL and in his 1988 National Convention Speech, Jesse Jackson’s rally to “keep hope alive” resonates even louder today…

Be good to yourself…


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